Private sector support for rights in development

Business peopleSocial Justice Connection is asking multinational organizations to support the strengthening of human rights protection in efforts to reduce poverty through development finance. We encourage companies to consider expanding their reach as leaders in corporate social responsibility by providing public support of a human rights approach to development.

Many companies have taken positive steps for human rights already, by taking positions against discrimination against women, people with disabilities or on the basis of sexual preference. Why not extend the protection from discrimination to include the more than a billion people in extreme poverty?

Right now, the push for a human rights approach to development is focused on the World Bank, the largest source of development finance. Human rights organizations are asking the World Bank to incorporate human rights impact assessments into the process for providing financial aid to countries, and to assist its member countries in complying with their own human rights obligations.

Companies supporting efforts to strengthen human rights in development finance would benefit in several ways. They would:

• Gain in reputation and respect;
• Gain market value as financial markets become more sensitive to organizations that follow human rights guidelines and standards of corporate social responsibility;
• Contribute to reducing unstable work environments where fundamental human rights are not respected;
• Provide assurance that they are respectful of human rights guidelines in their own operations;
• Enjoy the benefits as cost free.

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