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Volunteers and interns

SJC volunteers

SJC interns hard at work in our office.

Volunteers and interns are the SJC’s most valuable assets, providing the organization with the substantial capacity required for its ambitious goals. Highly motivated and capable, they have an intense desire to make the best of their diverse talents on behalf of the organization.  At the SJC, they have the opportunity to achieve.

In terms of its human resources, the ability and capacity of the SJC is substantial. The people that work here are the best. The material resources required for our programs, on the other hand, are quite small – an office with sufficient hardware and software – so financial resources are used effectively.

Most of our volunteers and interns are, of course, at the beginning of their careers, and many are university students. We want their experience here to be fulfilling and helpful to their future careers, so we encourage their efforts to demonstrate what they can accomplish during their stay with us!

The office has twelve work spaces, where the volunteers and staff work alongside each other on individual projects or in teams. Most volunteers work off-site in the education program, providing workshops and training, or preparing and updating resources. This entails effective task coordination aided by project management software.

The success of the SJC volunteer and intern engagement is widely recognized (see, for example, the chapter “Success Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers” in the 2011 book “Activism that Works”). To ensure we make the most effective use of our volunteer and intern resources as program needs change, we continue to refine the process for applicants to allow a good match between our specific program requirements and the interests and abilities of the applicants.

By the way, you can see some statistics about what the team accomplishes for our education program, “Educonnexion,” here!

Permanent staff, assisted by contract staff:

Derek MacCuish

Derek MacCuish Photo by Shoot to Help

Derek MacCuish, the executive director, has been with the SJC since the early 1990s, editing the Upstream Journal and coordinating our programs on economic policy and international institutional reform. Former adjunct professor at Concordia University (2000-2007) teaching seminars on global governance.
MA in public policy, BA in international development, Associate of Arts in audio visual production.

Philippe Tousignant Photo by Shoot to Help

Philippe Tousignant, the director of our education program, joined us on staff in 2013, after a time as a volunteer.
BA, International Relations and International Law; LLM. Master’s International Law (Chinese Law Specialization)
Co-director/editor of the first Code of International law on International Organizations available in French; Deputy Editor of the Quebec Journal of International Law, a peer reviewed journal.
He received the “Walk the Talk” award from the Centre for Community Organizations, and is now a Youth and Innovation Representative to the Civil Society Committee for International Day of Peace at the UN.


For 37 weeks in 2016-17, Francesca Désulmé will be in charge of our corporate responsibility educational program.

This component of SJC’s education program is a project-based grant (FEEPSI) from the Québec Association of International Cooperation Organizations (AQOCI). Aiming greater corporate environmental and social responsibility, Francesca will be facilitating workshops, training speakers and helping companies engage in respecting human rights.

A young artist at heart and passionate for social justice and community-based projects, Francesca has completed her bachelor’s degree in Communication and International Development at the University of Quebec in Outaouais. This year, she began studies for a graduate diploma in Public Relations and Communication Management at McGill. She takes pleasure in spending time in nature with her loved ones.

Interns and volunteers


Zineb Lakzit just completed her bachelor’s degree in political science at Concordia University. Passionate about politics, she hopes to pursue her studies and obtain a master’s degree in public policy. She aspires a career as a researcher for a political entity.


Maya Seneviratne completed her double major in International Development Studies, and Sociology and Social Anthropology at Dalhousie University. She has a strong interest in human rights and advocacy work, with a particular focus on racial discrimination, and aspires to get a masters in human rights law or social work.


Ciara Cazuc just obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History from McGill University. Passionate about human rights, especially issues of forced migration, she hopes to undertake graduate studies in this field, and is currently involved in advocacy work within SJC.


Sonia Mezaour is an intern working on the “Top Issues” project.



Margarita Caycedo-Viala is an economist who finished a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration at Concordia University. She has performed research and project evaluation roles and community involvement in social economy organizations in Montreal related to climate change, sustainable trade, women economic empowerment and human rights. She aspires continuing her career in sustainability and responsible finance.


Chloé Mour is an intern with Upstream Journal.


Kelly C. Wong, student at McGill University, was formally an intern in 2016 at the Social Justice Connection. She worked on a campaign for the advocacy for the stronger presence of human rights in the social safeguards policy in development finance. She has since returned to the SJC as a volunteer, now working on the “Top Issues” project with a team of new interns.



Caroline Laberge is an intern in our education program.


Olivier Tancrède is an intern working on the “Top Issues” project.”



Roland Sellinger is a soon-to-be graduate in International Development at McGill University who has a special interest in public and environmental policy. He has been working as a journalist for SJC’s Upstream Journal since January 2016, drawing influence from perspectives put forth by the Economist, Reuters, and Al Jazeera for insight on major international events. He is also involved in translation for advocacy work and initiatives. A career in environmental development and conflict resolution is a current aspiration of his.