Mission & history

Social Justice Connection was founded in 1975, and until 2014 was called the Social Justice Committee of Montreal. It was founded as a way to connect Montrealers with the social struggles of Central America. In time, it expanded its focus to include the economic structural context in which communities exist – a context that is largely unequal and without sufficient respect for social justice.

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Social Justice Connection is an independent Canadian organization working in international solidarity.
Conscious that many of the world’s impoverished peoples are victims of social injustice, and inspired by the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, its mission is to engage Canadians in working for a more socially just world.

What we do
As an independent human rights organization, the SJC provides education and advocacy about global poverty and inequality.
We help inform individuals and organizations so that they can become actively engaged in efforts to create a more equitable and just global society. Through informed popular participation in defence of economic, social and cultural rights, we seek to eliminate poverty and the violations of rights.

Working in solidarity, with the goal of social justice, the SJC strives to support the ideals of fairness, cooperation, and the vision of a viable and sustainable world.Ramsay049

The organization
The SJC is an independent, member-based organization. It is a registered charity governed by the laws of Canada. As a non-profit corporation registered in the Province of Quebec in 1976, our activities and operations are governed by our by-laws and our board of directors.  Members of the SJC determine the mission of the organization and its by-laws, and elect the board of directors.  A person can apply to become a member of the SJC by supporting its mission – usually in the form of a donation of funds (or other tangible good) or service, such as volunteering.  Membership applications are approved by the board of directors.

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