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Major companies unable to answer questions about their human rights policies

SJC survey on international businesses and human rights protection indicates that most companies are largely unprepared to answer questions about their human rights policies and practices.

Survey reportIn February and March 2017 a team at Social Justice Connection asked business professionals about their companies’ policies and practices with regard to human rights protection.
Invitations to take part advised potential participants that the survey questions focused on the human rights policies and practices in their businesses. It sought to identify the methods and procedures, if any, used in different businesses with regard to enforcing and managing human rights. A summary of the survey results is available here:  Survey report Continue reading

SJC joins global call on human rights defenders

Defending rights defendersSocial Justice Connection is proud to join 85 civil society organisations from around the world in
supporting the renewal of the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human
rights defenders.

Special Rapporteur notes that defenders are under ‘unprecedented attack’ with ‘the number killed around the world continuously rising’.


SJC identifies key rights challenges for the year

Social Justice Connection has once again prepared a “Top 8” of the most pressing problems involving human rights issues in development finance for the year.

Issues that have emerged as high priorities for 2017 include internal migration, the huge amounts of money hidden in tax havens and the shocking increase in attacks on human rights defenders. Of course, s
ome of the issues for 2016 continue to be a concern, such as climate change and gender inequality.

Top Issues

SJC input to Department of Finance consultations Dec. 2016

As we have emphasized in previous consultations, it cannot be shown that, for the most part, funds provided to the World Bank are used for human rights protection as required by Canadian law.

“For most purposes, the World Bank is currently a human rights-free zone. In its operational policies, in particular, it treats human rights more like an infectious disease than universal values and obligations,” as Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, said in Sept. 2015. Continue reading

SJC statement on the death of Warren Allmand

Warren Allmand

Photo by Derek MacCuish, 2005.

It is with great sorrow that we share thoughts on the December 7 death of Warren Allmand.

Warren’s connection to the SJC goes back to May, 1976 when he was Solicitor General of Canada. He accepted an SJC invitation to a public discussion on topics of the day, including the MacKenzie Valley Pipeline, a Canadian company investing in South African-occupied Namibia, and mining investments in Chile (governed by the Pinochet dictatorship). Continue reading

The master at work!

Philippe conducts workshop hosted by Google2 Dec. 2016

The master at work this morning!

At a hands-on workshop on productivity in the world of nonprofits, presented by Philippe Tousignant of Social Justice Connection.

Organized by Google Montreal in collaboration with Techsoup Canada.

AGM 2016

Annual meeting

AGMPlease join us at the Annual General Meeting, coming up Thursday, Oct. 27 at 6pm, at 1857 De Maisonneuve west (Just up the street from Guy-Concordia metro, St-Mathieu exit).

Along with meeting the candidates and electing our board of directors, it will be a chance to meet and hear from SJC staff, volunteers and interns who will introduce you to aspects of what they are working on!


CJS ouvre un poste de Stage-OCI

CJS ouvre un poste de Stage-OCI rémunéré à nos bureaux de Montréal pour les ancien(ne)s participant(e)s des stages Québec sans frontières!

Début présumé du mandat le 12 septembre.  Suivez le lien  pour plus d’information à ce sujet et pour pouvoir appliquer.

Le tout est rendu possible grâce au généreux soutien du Ministère des relations internationale du Québec.

SJC launches LinkedIn discussion on corporate social responsibility & human rights

Beyond CSRThe SJC is starting a new LinkedIn group, called Beyond CSR.  Its purpose is to:

  • Explore how corporate social responsibility could expand to include working actively to eliminate poverty and promote human rights.
  • Identify how businesses, human rights advocates and development groups can cooperate and support a human rights-based approach to poverty reduction.

Continue reading

New story in The Upstream Journal, SJC’s magazine on human rights and social justice

Protest in Uruguay

Women in Montevideo protest violence against women.

The Upstream Journal June 2016

Uruguay – Truth, Justice, and Gender Inequality

“Much impunity exists for all crimes committed during the dictatorship. But sexual offences in particular have been made invisible both by society and by the Uruguayan state, particularly the judiciary.”   Read the story here!

Les Grandes soifs

Projet Les grandes soifs (in French only)

Afin de promouvoir un programme d’éducation à la citoyenneté complet et cohérent, Connexion justice sociale a maintenant intégré un volet Motivation à son programme d’éducation. Depuis septembre 2015, Educonnexion entreprend donc un projet portant sur la quête de sens et la connaissance de soi.

Cette activité s’est mise en branle grâce à la collaboration de Delphine Piperni, réalisatrice du documentaire Les grandes soifs. Ce film suit quatre jeunes âgés de 15 à 20 ans qui cherchent à se définir et trouver un sens général à leur vie. Il s’agit d’une merveilleuse fenêtre sur l’expérience réelle de quatre individus confrontés aux questions existentielles et aux défis identitaires spécifiques à la période de l’adolescence, tout en découvrant à la fois le sentiment de vide et celui d’appartenance.

Blogue pour les jeunes

Le projet comprend un blogue qui vise à offrir un espace de réflexion et de ressources pour les jeunes.

SJC pleased to see progress in bringing to justice people responsible for extreme violence in Central America.

Guatemala protester holds sign

A man lifts a poster demanding justice for genocide. Photos in the poster include one of Benedicto Lucas García, who has just been arrested and charged with war crimes. Photo by Surizar.

This month, Guatemalan police arrested 18 ex-military leaders and charged them committing crimes against humanity during the decades-long war against Guatemala’s indigenous communities.  “Heroism on the part of survivors who brought complaints forward, and also on the part of forensic anthropologists, lawyers, prosecutors, who are risking their lives to bring these cases, have resulted in this round-up of some of the worst mass killers in the country,” said Allan Nairn, an award-winning journalist who has worked on Guatemala for decades, in this interview on Democracy Now. Continue reading

Federal parties respond

Rice worker

Worker from India in the Gambella region of Ethiopia, where the World Bank funds a brutal “villagization” process of removing 1.5 million herders and local farmers to allow foreign investment. Photo: Ben Parker/IRIN

Federal parties respond to concern that $1 billion/year aid to the World Bank may support human rights violations

Liberals and NDP express different levels of concern, Green Party expresses alarm, no response from Conservatives

Asked for a response to SJC concerns about the use of funds sent to the World Bank, the Green Party and the NDP provided informed and specific statements, the Liberals provided a general comment lacking specifics, and the Conservatives did not comment. Continue reading

Fundraising auction!

DragonThis dragon, made of woven ribbon, is one of many cool items and activities that we have on the SJC fundraising auction site! – like piano lessons, yoga, learning a language while hiking, a weekend getaway or a night at the theatre!  And lots of artwork and fair trade goods!  How about life coaching or tap dancing? Salsa? If not the ribbon dragon, are you up for some dragon boating?

These are only some of the items we have, but you get the picture!  It’s easy to register to take a look at all the cool auction items.  But check it out soon – the auction ends on the 19th of May, the day of our “Educonnexion” event!


  Program Launch  “Educonnexion” – Training the Next Generation of Global Citizens. Social Justice Connection is proud to launch its bilingual youth mentorship program on human rights, social justice and the environment.

Connect! event May 19The “Educonnexion” program in high schools will seek to respond to the question, “Global Challenges and the Citizens of Tomorrow: Are They Ready?” Bringing together educators, members of school boards, and partner non-profit organizations focused on international development, social justice, and youth leadership, this program is the first of its kind in Quebec. An evening to launch the program will be held May 19 at the Atwater Library auditorium.

Get more information here on our Facebook page!


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