Bringing human rights and equity into the fight against poverty

Poverty is the world’s biggest human rights challenge.

Respect for human rights and the democratic voice of affected communities are essential in the fight against poverty.  SJC advocacy aims to support global policies that empower the poor by protecting their human rights.

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Getting the World Bank to respect its human rights responsibilities

The World Bank refuses to acknowledge any obligations under international human rights law. It does not conduct assessments of human rights impact of its funding, even to repressive regimes.

What happens without human rights in development?

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As the most influential money-lending institution, the World Bank should abide by international law and work for a consistent respect of human rights in aid-receiving countries. SJC proposes the implementation of a human rights impact assessment as part of World Bank funding.

The World Bank does not recognize any obligation to comply with human rights law, or with the treaties on human rights that countries have adopted.

SJC advocacy from 2012-2016 focused on strengthening human rights in the World Bank’s social protection policy. The SJC argued that non-discrimination should be consistent with the protection found in national constitutions and the human rights treaty obligations of member states. That policy was finalized in 2016, and our World Bank advocacy will now focus on other dynamics of building human rights in World Bank finance.

Engaging with the private sector for support for rights in development
Business people

Social Justice Connection wants corporations to support the strengthening of human rights protection in efforts to reduce poverty through development finance. We encourage companies to expand their reach as leaders in corporate social responsibility by providing public support of a human rights approach to development.

Many companies have taken positive steps for human rights already, by taking positions against discrimination against women, people with disabilities or on the basis of sexual preference. Why not extend the protection from discrimination to include the more than a billion people in extreme poverty?