Note: Our web site is undergoing a major change, and is incomplete. Please bear with us for this brief period.

The Social Justice Committee of Montreal has changed its name!  SJC members, at a Special General Meeting, officially agreed that the organization will now be called Social Justice Connection.

MISSION:  Social Justice Connection is an independent Canadian organization working in international solidarity.

Conscious that many of the world’s impoverished peoples are victims of social injustice, and inspired by the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, its mission is to engage Canadians in working for a more socially just world.

As an independent human rights organization, the SJC provides education and advocacy about global poverty and inequality.

Our vision is one of social justice, and of fairness and cooperation in a viable and sustainable world in which human rights are universally respected.

We use public education to help individuals and organizations become actively engaged in efforts to create a more just global society. We seek to eliminate poverty and human rights violations through informed popular participation in defense of economic, social and cultural rights.

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